Rainy Day Resupply Prep

Friday, April 7, 2023

It has literally been raining for two straight days. We need it here in Texas, so I’m not super complaining. I was supposed to hike 2 miles yesterday for my endurance training, so that got re-directed to the Peloton, but at least I’m not on trail yet where I’d have to hike in the rain anyway.

I’ve spent the week buying all kinds of food and bits of gear from Amazon and Costco. I also simplified my resupply plan at the beginning of the trail. Not including specialty gear drops like ice axe/microspikes at Idyllwild and new shoes at Wrightwood, I’m only going to have to send three or possibly four actual resupply boxes until Kennedy Meadows at the base of the Sierra. The trail towns have gotten so good with hiker resupply now, there’s really no need to prep all your boxes ahead of time like you would have done maybe 10 years ago.

Costco purchases – I will never run out of ziplocs
One of several H‑E‑B runs

I am also sending a bounce box with all my luxury toiletries, hair clippers, town clothes, etc. I will first pick this up in Julian and then bounce it along to other towns along the trail as I go.

Here’s my resupply hell right now. I will organize more this coming week, but right now it’s all just in a pile.

And for good measure, here’s my gear room.

Disaster area

To be fair, I’m only using about 10% of the gear in that photo. There’s actually a method to that madness and I can pack my full pack in there in about 5 minutes.

Anyway, this next week is all about organizing and prepping resupply. It will come together!

One thought on “Rainy Day Resupply Prep

  • Nice to see you finally get to hike the PCT! My son hiked the PCT in 2021 and started on…April 24 (because he was 24 years and 24 days old that day).
    You are far more prepared than he was. I just sent him 2 pairs of shoes and that was it. He survived though and finished in about 5 months. I wish you the same. Have an awesome journey!

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