3 weeks to go!

Sunday, April 2, 2023

I’m writing this on the mobile app about 10 miles into my 15 mile hike on Lake Georgetown today. This is my second to last long training hike before I hit the trail on April 24th!

I haven’t posted from the app in a few years, so I’m wondering how the formatting will come out. This is how I will blog from the trail, so I guess I better get used to it.

I’m currently airing out my feet and eating lunch before I push the last 5 or so miles back to the car.

I feel really good today and am waking up most days really excited now. This coming week is food testing week and next week is setting up resupplies. Then the next week is finalizing everything and flying to San Diego!

Ok, back at home now. I’m feeling it a bit from the 15 mile hike yesterday, but I came through with only one real blister (deep under a callous on my left heel). This spot has always given me trouble, so I’m just going to tape the hell out of it and hope it hardens up quickly on the trail.

When I got home yesterday I took an epsom salt bath and then got cleaned up and went to my parent’s house for dinner.

bath time with my PCT Trials book

The trail itself was great. The wildflowers in Texas this spring are strong.


Pack pic

More flower pics!

I did about 10 miles before I rested, did a quick meditation (something that I will try to do daily on trail), changed socks, and ate lunch. The last 3 miles were fairly tough and I had to stop twice to tape up hot spots. I would LOVE to prevent blisters before they happen and my shoes are great, but I’ve never done multiple 15+ mile days in them in a row, so it’s just going to be a trial and error system for my feet when I get there.

Today, I went on my first grocery store trip to get various backpacking meals and test them out. I’ve decided I’m going to try and only use my stove for boiling water and then adding that to pre-packaged (both self-packaged and bought) bags. I just don’t want to deal with the clean up of a pot after a long day of hiking, not to mention the extra water it takes in the desert. It already annoys me doing it at home. We’ll see if it works, but that’s how I’m going to start out.

I’m going to try out different combinations for dinner this week and then cap it off with a sous vide pork chop on Friday night as a grand finale!

I really enjoy the planning aspect of all of these, even if it’s a bit intense logistically. It reminds me of my tour management days in the music industry when I was in my 20s. I have a knack for it and it’s really fun, even if most of these plans will probably go to hell once I actually get into the reality of trail life. Oh well!

Onward, to the trail!

One thought on “3 weeks to go!

  • I love seeing these posts! So excited for you. I also saw in one of your pics that you are drinking Tailwind – I use that too on my long runs! I’ve tried a lot of different refueling gels, drinks etc and Tailwind is by far my fav.

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