About Me

Yosemite 2019

My name is Ian and I’m now 40 years old (I was 37 when this blog originally started in 2020). I’ve lived in Austin, TX pretty much all of my life and have been on my fair share of adventures, but none so ambitious as hiking the PCT. I’ve been hiking regularly since 2013, mainly day hiking around Texas, but I’ve also done quite a few hikes and short backpacking trips around the US and internationally. I’ve documented most of these on my other blog, www.piercewanderings.com.

Why do I want to hike the PCT? There are so many reasons. I want to accomplish something epic and experience something that most people never will. I want to appreciate simple living and grow my spirit. I want to challenge myself and prove to myself I can handle anything. I could go on, but really, the question I would ask is why not? If you have the means, ability, and passion for hiking and the outdoors, I couldn’t imagine NOT doing this.

For me personally, I’m a nature lover, sports fan, music fan, and nerd. Most of my brain is made up of Seinfeld quotes and movie references.

I have a wonderful and loving wife, Courtney, who is amazing in so many ways. She is selflessly supporting me throughout this venture. While I’m gone, she will be taking care of our two puppies at home, Biff (beagle) and Finnigan (fox hound).

She will also be sending me resupplies on occasion and will be taking care of the homestead so I can go on this trip and achieve a dream.

The Fam