A few zeroes and then back on at Big Bear

Sunday, May 14, 2023

10 miles

I went back to Idyllwild after coming down off San Jacinto at I-10 and hung out for a couple of days while I waited for Court to fly into Palm Springs to meet up.

I became very familiar with all the local shops and restaurants, having nothing to really do for a couple of days, which is a very weird feeling after getting up and hiking all the time.

When Court flew into Palm Springs, she grabbed a rental car and headed up to Idyllwild to get me. We went to the brewery for lunch and then a little Italian bar for a glass of wine, while we waited for the mayor and his deputy to show up and greet visitors on the town square.

L to R: Mayor Max III and Deputy Meadow

Idyllwild is a really cool town and I think we will definitely be back.

We headed down to our rental in Palm Springs, which was great. Guest house with a private pool. Very plush.

We enjoyed our time there, but honestly, Idyllwild is more our speed. Anyway, I decided to skip a little bit of trail so I could meet back up with my hiking partner John, since he was now going solo (Clay went home for work and family until July).

Court drove me the hour and a half through the bizarre desert and up the mountain to Big Bear where we met John at the highway 18 intersection with the trail. We made a quick jaunt into town, dropped another hiker off at the store, then got a fast food breakfast (sorry Court) and zoomed back up to the trail where I said goodbye and headed into the mountains.

New bag of Fritos in tow

We only did about 10 miles to ease me back on the trail a bit before setting up camp at a nice spot early and watched the sunset through the trees.

Cool lichen
Mine on the left, John on the right – no fires allowed