Last Day on Trail and McDonald’s!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

13.6 miles

Yes, you read that right. Today was my last day on trail…for now. I’ll explain more in the next post.

Beth drove us back to the trail after her amazing generosity and hospitality. She made us avocado toast for breakfast, which is a great pre-hike meal.

13.6 to I-15 and McDonald’s

Thirty seconds after she dropped us off, we saw two hikers coming up the trail. Postmaster and 4Runner! Two of the very first people I met on trail after my difficult first day. They really helped get me on my trail feet after Lake Morena and it was so perfect that the trail brought us back together on my last day. There’s something truly cosmic going on out here.

Sticks, Postmaster, and 4Runner

We hiked together for the morning, climbing up the ridge above the lake.

Top of the ridge

We hiked on through relatively flat terrain as we got closer to Cajon Pass and I-15.

First view of Cajon Pass
Epic views

We wound down the trail into the valley.


It was a really nice hike and I was happy to spend my last day on trail with a great friend I had made. Sticks is continuing on with his hike as a tribute to his late son. He’s a great guy.

The last bit of trail went through a beautiful canyon. This was an unexpected and lovely way to end my hike and Section C of the PCT.

End of hike

This is also part of the old Route 66.

Hikers leaving McDonald’s after attempting the 4000 calorie challenge. I did not attempt this.
There it is!
So terrible, yet so good.

One more post coming to explain why I left the trail and what the future holds. I’ll try and get it up later today or tomorrow.

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