Big Bear Ridge Hiking

Monday, May 15, 2023

18 miles

Woke up and hiked. More of the same, but with great views in the morning!


We created the ridge and went down the back side to a nice spot for lunch where we decided our packs were too damn heavy with 4 days worth of food. So a big lunch was the only answer.

Tortillas, salami, cheese, Cheetos, and whatever else

Towards the end of this long day we were greeted with a couple of creek crossings where we had no choice, but to get wet. Always fun right before camp so you have to let your shoes dry out all night. Oh well.

Deeper than it looks

We finally got to camp, set up all of our wet shoes and socks to dry, and were treated to another beautiful sunset. The bugs would also come out, but they weren’t too much of a problem until the morning.

One thought on “Big Bear Ridge Hiking

  • Ian, glad you and John like to hike together. Feel free to keep downing calories both to lighten the load and to help you push through that 18 mile hike. That’s X3 the Capitol 10k, ya know, in a day.


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