Zero in Idyllwild

Saturday, May 6, 2023

A zero day (zero miles hiked) in Idyllwild was definitely the right choice, especially with what was coming next.

Idyllwild is a great little mountain town
Town monument
Court’s dream truck to putt about town
Town square

After I checked in to my room on Friday, I went out and did some town chores. I got some resupply food and first aid stuff, got an amazing pizza for dinner, and went back to the room for an Epsom salt bath and bed.

The next morning I went out and got breakfast. Hiker hunger is starting to kick in!

Chicken fried steak with gravy, eggs, and home fries

Then it was time for the most important chore: new shoes. I love my La Sportivas, but my feet, specifically my toes have swollen and I need something with a bigger toe box. So I took the Altra plunge, as many hikers tend to do these days.

Old – La Sportiva Ultra Raptor 2
New – Altra Olympus 5

Swollen hiker feet

They didn’t have exactly the size I needed (14), so I went with a 13, which still gave me a little room to grow, but not much. I’m sending my La Sportivas home because when I’m done hiking here, I still want them for day hikes. Love those shoes.

John and Clay had bailed on the second part of the 32 mile stretch they were doing to come and get a nearo (near zero miles) in town before we ascended Mt San Jacinto the next day. I met them up in the afternoon for a glass of wine and some live music and then we all crashed at the house.

L to R: John (Chainsaw), Clay (MacGyver), and me (Hummingbird)

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