Final Training Stretch

Sunday, April 16, 2023

I’m currently sitting on my back porch in the morning sun, listening to the birds, throwing Finn’s toy to him, and reading my ultrarunning mental training book. No, I’m not doing an ultramarathon, but the concepts are similar to thru hiking and there’s a lot of crossover.

Yesterday I finished my last training hike. 15 miles out at Lake Georgetown again. It got WAY hotter than forecast (about 95 when I finished) and it was a challenging way to end my training. That said, I feel great today.

I also found out that my Sawyer Squeeze water filter was 100% clogged after being in storage for a couple of years. It is sitting in a vinegar bath right now to try and get it functional again, but after seeing the flow rate on my Katahdyn BeFree (my backup), I think I’ve decided to start with that in the desert and have the Sawyer be my backup instead. The BeFree has gotten really popular on trail in the past couple of years, due to its flow rate and ease of cleaning. Exciting stuff, I know.

I also finally figured out how to keep my umbrella attached and hands free to my pack, which made a HUGE difference in temperature during my hike. That’s a keeper.

Here’s a couple of rambling videos recapping all that.

The rest of this week is finalizing resupply boxes, cleaning gear, and packing for San Diego on Friday!

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