Rattlesnakes and Mount Laguna

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

I spent a ton of time writing this originally the other night and wordpress deleted it. So I’m going to do my best to recreate it.

14 miles today. We woke up early and hit the trail after a restful, though windy night. I hiked with Postman and Forerunner (couple from Washington) for the first part of the day and watched the light come down on the mountains and do away with the shadows.

A couple of miles in, we came across our first rattlesnake on the side of a hill.


At least he rattled, unlike the ones I’ve come across in Texas.

Right as we got to the unexploded military ordnance area 😐, we met up with about 5 other hikers and formed a little bubble. We ate lunch together and hiked the rest of the day all the way to Mount Laguna.

Watch your step

Once we hit about 6000 feet, pine trees started to appear. That smell is one of my favorite things. Reminds me of the Sierra.

About a mile before the turnoff for the lodge and campgrounds, I realized I had gotten my first blister. It was on the outside of my left heel, which I had already pre-taped as a preventative measure, though it’s not an exact science.

Blister is under that tape

I lanced it through the tape with a sterilized needle, though I’m sure my wife wouldn’t advise that.

Most of the hikers split a campsite, but my lovely wife had booked me a room for the night at the lodge (motel room really, but hell, I’ll take it!). I checked in and got my first resupply box as well! I was also given a bucket and detergent to wash my clothes in, with explicit instructions to dump the dirty water outside and not down the drain.

Once I had dropped my stuff in my room (including a bag of Epsom salt for a soak later), I went out to the saloon to meet my hiker friends for some drinks and food!

There were some sweet pups there too. I miss mine.

I had a couple of beers, but retired to my room early with my pulled pork bbq sandwich and fries. I ate most of it and left the rest for breakfast. Then it was laundry and bath time.

This is the bucket after only 3 days of hiking.

Tomorrow is back into the woods!

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